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La Jolie Ronde Teaching Method

Language Play classes use the La Jolie Ronde method of teaching. Established in 1983, La Jolie Ronde course offers a unique, carefully structured and proven language course for children 2-11 years, to help them excel in French and Spanish. Its award-winning programmes are used as part of the curriculum and in extra-curriculum language classes in hundreds of top schools in the UK and around the world.

The La Jolie Ronde course introduces all the 4 linguistic skills: listening, speaking, reading and writing. The latter two are introduced gradually and sensitively in line with the child's linguistic development in general and as he/she progresses through the course.

Your child can join the course at a point appropriate to his/her age and learn with children of their own age. Each lesson follows a structured lesson plan with a precise list of vocabulary and phrases. Within each lesson, there are many opportunities for extension work so that every child is given the chance to progress at his/her own pace.

The methodology of La Jolie Ronde aims to build the confidence not only in language skills, but in language-learning skills and therefore aims to develop the tools for learning a foreign language (eg. learning to listen for gist or detail, look for clues to aid comprehension, develop the ability of prediction etc...) which can be transferred for efficient learning of a second, or even a third foreign language.

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